Giveaway contest winners

Giveaway contest winners

Boom shalaka-laka,

The giveaway contest is over and the big mystery gig the tour dates was naturally the King Diamond tour. I piled one list from all the answers from here and from FB so that all who replied were in.

The right answer: Total 23 gigs in 2014

(At least at the moment when I closed the contest. Who knows, it might still change a little bit.)

There were four (!) correct guesses so I randomly drew the winner of the main prize from the correct answers:

Main prize: JATAO Roadburn 2013 t-shirt + gatefold LP

Since it’s soon Christmas I decided to bend my rules and give additional JATAO stuff to these three bad mofos as well:

Jan Huizinga
JATAO promo-CD with signed poster

Jukka Luostarinen
JATAO ”13th Breath of the Zodiac” debut 7-inch

Dennis Ponnath
JATAO / Deadmask -split 7-inch

Kudos and applause to you guys, impressive!

The two other giveaway prizes went to these lucky ones:

Random giveaway 1: JATAO s/t CD (sold out digibox with poster)

Jason Sanford
Random giveaway 2: JATAO Astral Sabbat MCD

ONE MORE THING… I thought that I’d give away one more extra item and that I’d choose one from the cool/funny answers. Since there were no women amongst the winners I thought I’d narrow the selection down to chicks. And sweet baby Jesus and good googly moogly! Obviously nomen est omen or something like that, because JATAO merch goes definitely to a person who shares the name of our lead singer. Namely, to Jess:

Jess Eaton
Special giveaway thingy of choice: rare as fuck JATAO t-shirt or rare as fuck JATAO 7-inch single

So, that’s it. Maybe I’ll do this again some day, it feels kinda fun to just give stuff away. Thanks for all who answered, that’s the spirit!

Peace & love,
Hippie Fiend with flower ornaments

JESS AND THE ANCIENT ONES LP, T-shirt + CD giveaway contest!

JESS AND THE ANCIENT ONES LP, T-shirt + CD giveaway contest!

To celebrate my new website, I’m giving away a Jess and the Ancient Ones LP, 2 x CDs & T-shirt from my private stash via this giveaway contest!

So far, 2014 has been the most quiet year in the gig front for me since I moved back to the North from the sun of Spain in 2007. We’re now in September, how many gigs do you think I’ll play until the year ends? Answer that and you can win cool JATAO stuff 🙂

All you need is to:

1) Like this post on Facebook (if you don’t use Facebook it’s OK, just mention it in your comment)
2) Guess how many gigs I’ll be playing this year by leaving a comment on one of the comment forms at the end of this page

One comment per person (if you post several comments, the comment which was posted first counts). You can edit your comment freely.

Main prize: JATAO Roadburn 2013 t-shirt + gatefold LP
Random giveaway 1: JATAO s/t CD (sold out digibox with poster)
Random giveaway 2: JATAO Astral Sabbat MCD

The right answer will be the updated amount of 2014 gigs at the Gig calendar when the contest has ended. The winner of the main prize is the one who nails it, or who guesses the closest (if there’s many who guessed right I’ll draw a random winner from the correct guesses). The two random giveaways will be drawn randomly between ALL who participate.

The contest will end in September 2014 but I don’t know which day yet 🙂 Probably within a week or so, but could be tomorrow as well!

Distastefully yours,


(LEGAL CRAP: This contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.)

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