Not leaving Deathchain after all (+ R.I.P. Sotajumala)

Not leaving Deathchain after all (+ R.I.P. Sotajumala)

Surprise, motherfuckers! Unlike I wrote earlier, I’m not leaving Deathchain after all.

This cancellation of my departure was decided right after our last gig, which took place at SaariHelvetti last year. After the gig I had a talk with Corpse, and when I heard that the other DC members didn’t want me to leave, I realized that I didn’t want to leave either.

In the past few years I’ve been actively destroying my old behaviour and thought patterns and I’ve been also leaving many things (and people) behind me. But during SaariHelvetti I noticed that Deathchain was not one of those things. When I joined Deathchain back in 2007, we all agreed that this would be the FINAL line-up from now on.

And as King Diamond wisely suggests, let’s not break that oath.

So, the old corps is back together again and DEATHCHAIN’s next live offense to your senses shall manifest at the funeral of our comrades’ group – namely the unholy SOTAJUMALA. We’ll help lay the rotting carcass of ”Sotis” to rest at Lutakko, further info can be found here:

My recent small hiatus from almost all musical activity is now over and as a refreshed man, I’m basically oozing motivation to get back on the horse! From now on, I’ll probably limit my musical focus with ”other-than-my-very-own-bands” to playing live shows and participating in studio recordings. In other words: all the stuff I’ll write from now on, shall be for my own bastard children, which at the moment are Forgotten Horror and one or two unrevealed projects… you’ll hear more from those projects, and from FH camp, soon enough.

(Of course, should I feel like it, in the future I might write stuff for other bands as well. No need to limit myself here just for the sake of it, so let’s just see how it goes.)

My gig calendar for this year looks quite empty – just as planned. Confirmed shows at the moment are:

  • Deathchain at Lutakko, Finland on May 13th, with Sotajumala and Torture Killer
  • True Black Dawn at Hellfest, France on June 16th-18th with Aerosmith, Deep Purple, Slayer, Rob Zombie, Sabaton, Kreator, Opeth, Behemoth… etc. etc.

Also, after a gazillion obstacles, today is finally the first day of my one-year MMA challenge (which has been… ehh… ”SLIGHTLY” delayed and postponed multiple times). I’ll try to blog about that stuff almost daily – alas, in Finnish. But worry not! I’ll also write an English update every week or month, or something like that.

That’s it for now. It’s going to be one hell of a year, so stay evil and seeya on the road!

Regarding my upcoming new band, Satyricon cover and the Queen of Souls

Regarding my upcoming new band, Satyricon cover and the Queen of Souls

Balls deep in Morricone-ish choirs and orchestral bass drums! I wonder if my clean vocals actually sound good, or if it’s that my ears are fucked up due to listening to my own singing for too many hours now… well, at least I know that the goddamn drum sounds are killing it.

I’ve decided to start a brand-new band by finishing the song “River of Wailing Gods”, which I originally wrote for Jess and the Ancient Ones. We even haphazardly recorded it in the studio, but it was never finished nor published.

To re-grasp my demo recording workflow, to practise my clean vocals for this new band, and just to have fun with music, I’ve also been recording a cover version of the Satyricon song ”Phoenix”. A great track, they abso-fucking-lutely nailed it.

Although I’ve performed a lot of cover songs in the studio and on stage, and although I immensely enjoy it, I’ve never actually felt a compelling need to release one myself. But it just so happens, that I relate to this Phoenix / Queen of Souls concept so much, that a thought popped in my dome: would ’River…’ and ’Phoenix’ (see what I did there?) make an elegant two-song single?

I’m not sure how I’d feel about starting a new bad with a cover song, but hey, even HIM did it hahah! 😀

Dunno. Who cares. I’ll either a) publish Phoenix on YouTube separately as my own tribute, b) release it via this new band, or c) I’ll just enjoy the shit out of it myself and keep it as a personal puja, or something. Let’s see how this thing plays out, I’m sure the right choices come naturally as these two songs are getting ready.

I also have a funny idea to paint portraits + lyrics of both songs, to accompany the listening experience. As an ardent devotee of the acosmic Shadow Goddess (personified by Kali, Lilith, Coatlicue, Shakti, Hel, Ereshkigal and many more), I’d like to make the Phoenix painting kinda similar to the original, but with a feminine principle being portrayed instead of this horned Nordic hunk.

Here’s the original artwork before its planned sex change operation:


I challenge mr. Sebastian Bach to a friendly boxing match (for calling me a pussy)

I challenge mr. Sebastian Bach to a friendly boxing match (for calling me a pussy)

Let’s just put it out there: I hereby invite mr. Sebastian Bach to a friendly contest.

Dear Mr. Bach. Since you appeared straight outta nowehere on my FB artist page, calling me a pussy for a reason still unclear to me, I’d be glad to let you demonstrate me being a pussy by sparring with me–even for a tiny bit–in the cage or in the ring.

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 15.06.38

Although I get it that your beef is with my friend Don from The Great Southern Brainfart, and not with me, here’s a good chance for you to redeem yourself in front of the music world and put your money where your mouth is. We could just spar with boxing rules, instead of MMA (my preferred weapon of choice) to make it more approachable if you’re not comfortable with mixed martial arts.

We can arrange a time and place that’s suitable for you, so that you’ll have time to prepare should you want to. But even with my humble novice skillset, I bet I’d drop you like a bad habit. Unless I am indeed a ’pussy boy’, like you claim. 😉

This would be an absolute honor and a pleasure for me; to stick up for my friend, and to underline the fact that although I’m not that (read: at all) familiar with your releases, mr. Bach – I’m actually a huge fan of Beethoven.


Yours sincerely,

PS. I’m a bit short from 5″11 and from what I quickly googled, you’re about 6″3. So you’d have height (and most likely also a notable reach) advantage… and I’m far from athletic, muscular, or even being in shape at the moment. All this is completely fine by me, and we wouldn’t count these as any kind of ”unfair advantages” or excuses, in case I’d get exposed as a pussy. I’m just merely trying to persuade you to actually consider; this might not be such a bad idea. Perhaps exactly because the idea is completely crazy and unheard of.

My FB post with Mr. Bach’s surprising verbal attack towards me, a fellow musician:

This whole incident with mr. Bach and my brother Don:

In Finnish tabloids (in Finnish):

Día de los muertos + New JATAO song

Día de los muertos + New JATAO song

My Halloween went awesome, thanks for asking.

For me, Halloween (or Samhain) is a fun party but the following Día de los Muertos is a more esoteric thing; a day for quieting down, creating a reset point and pondering on the nightside of the manifest and unmanifest existence (a great day for contacting the dead, too). Remembering to live fully by remembering death and its constant company right behind our shoulders…

Anyways, I spent the pumpkin fest at a party in Spånga. The party was marvellous with excellent hosts and many interesting costumes and nice people. This was the first time I dressed up for Halloween, next year I clearly gotta step mah game up.

Powerful astronaut squirrel / cat / lioness ftw.

This morning I woke up to what I first thought as the revenge of the hangover, but which turned out to be a cold… alas, no training today. Instead, I’ve been catching up with some other tasks and packing up since tomorrow it’s time to go to Finland again.

Speaking of tasks, I still have stuff to do tonight and because I want to get my 8 hours of nocturnal coma, I’m forced to bid you farewell for now.

One more thing before nasty slumber, though: To further celebrate Samhain, we (JESS AND THE ANCIENT ONES) released another song from the upcoming album, entitled ”Samhain”. Here it is, enjoy! (Below you’ll also find the Radio Aquarius transmission from the ranch, which was released together with the song.)

Beam me up, Scotty


It is the end of the harvest, and yours truly has been spying the activities of the Ancient Ones…

Earlier today I saw the fires as they were lit at the JATAO ranch during the sunrise. I take it that they could be celebrating the seasons change perhaps?

Anyhow, strange intoxicating drums sounded through the vast surrounding forest. And where fume and smoke collided, a thousand colors could be seen. The explosion of sudden hallucinations made me worry about my mental condition, but I decided to keep pushing forth.

As I tried to move closer from the shades to get a better glimpse of what’s going on, that’s when I heard it. A series of loud prayer-like chants scared me to death! Those words chilled me straight to the bone, and I had to turn away and run.

When making my way out, I started to hear howling from the direction of the ranch. It’s that damn dog! My presence had not been unnoticed, and I command my legs to carry me faster to the safety of my car. Luckily, I soon notice that no one came after me. Let’s hope that this sensation lasts.

Few hours later I arrived back into the cold embrace of the city lights. And even if these streets are too dead for dreaming, still they strangely sooth my frightened soul.

The family of JATAO soon will know, that I had my tape recorded with me. I managed to catch their sounds on tape, and will publish them right now through Radio Aquarius. Even if in fear of retaliation, even if the Sun is traveling down and those words burn in my mind. The people need to know, the people need to hear.

Samhain! Take all life away!

…and this was the fourth transmission.

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween!!!

I’m reading my tour diary from last year’s JATAO / King Diamond North American tour. Exactly one year ago we were playing at The Wiltern in Los Angeles. A sold out show on Halloween with King Diamond… talk about good times!

I forgot to take all my photos of the tour with me to Sweden, so I can’t edit and post the last entries + photo galleries until I go to Finland next week, damnit! But what the hell, here’s a photo of the awesome LA crowd.


Halloween onstage view in Los Angeles. From King Diamond / Jess and the Ancient Ones North American tour 2014.

Tonight I’m going to dress up for Halloween for the first time, as I’m going to a Halloween party here in Stockholm with Forgotten Horror guitarist Kennet and with the brand-new FH bass player Patrik. We had a test run with Patrik earlier this week (and a crazy night afterwards!) and he fits absolutely perfectly in the band. More about that later, in the form of an official announcement.

My sincere intention tonight is to avoid hangover alltogether, I simply have too much stuff to do tomorrow. And because hangovers just suck. Let’s see…

…but before I’ll start celebrating, The Metal Tribe Cannibals want to have a word as well:


You heard them, get your freak on and party hard!!!

STICKY: JATAO North American tour 2014 with King Diamond (re-mastered 2015 edition)

STICKY: JATAO North American tour 2014 with King Diamond (re-mastered 2015 edition)

Howdy partner!

Just like I’m doing with my 3-months in South-East Asia & India travel blog, I’m re-mastering and pimping our last year’s one-month adventure in North-America with King Diamond.

Without any further ado, here’s the damn diary!

Re-mastered entries so far:

Chapter one: Kuopio – Helsinki – Paris – Atlanta

Chapter two: Atlanta – Silver Spring – New York – Worchester

Travel plan:

[nwm_map id=”3″ zoom=”3″]

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