Back in 2007, I was living in Madrid and I’d just gotten a new job as a creative director (for what was back then Europe’s largest multinational e-commerce company). Then one day, Corpse called me from Finland and asked me if I’d want to join Deathchain as the new guitarist. I said ”yes” right on the spot, quit my job and moved back to Finland.

Now, almost a decade later, the time has come for me to step away from the DC ranks in order to pursue my own projects – some new, some old shit – which I feel I’ve been neglecting for a long time. There’s absolutely no drama, and I wish all the best to my brothers in the almighty Deathchain legion.

This Saturday I’ll play my final Deathchain gig at SaariHelvetti festival, so let’s put up a great deathrashing show one last time!

Thrash ’till death,


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