I am no longer a part of Jess and the Ancient Ones. There is no drama or anything like that, and I wish JATAO all the best from the depths of my heart.

I’ve started a new band with my sister Mari, who is the lead singer of Luciferian Light Orchestra (she’s also done some guest appearances in Therion lately). This is something me and her have been talking about for years. The new group carries a working title ”The Voodoo Project” – please note that it’s merely a temporary title and subject to change. I have a lot of new songs written, almost enough for a full-length album, but first we’ll do some demo recordings and self-release a song or two.

I have no precise idea how the new stuff will sound. Expect some kind of ”dark Americano” with exotic spices thrown into the mix. All I know is that ’Voodoo’ is not going to be a metal band. Hell, probably not even a rock band. Just music with an esoteric message and without any limitations…

Darkest loving regards,
Tuomas Karhunen

Mari on Facebook

Tuomas on Facebook

Photo credit (Mari): Wilkinson Image & Design
Photo credit (Tuomas): Toni Salminen / Metalscope.fi

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