DEATHCHAIN’s next live assault to your senses shall manifest at the funeral of our comrades’ group, the unholy SOTAJUMALA. The tsig will be held at Lutakko and further info can be found here, for example.

So, that means that unlike I told you guys, I’m not leaving Deathchain after all.

So… surprise, motherfuckers!

Actually this cancellation of my departure was decided right after our last gig, which took place at SaariHelvetti. We talked and the other DC members didn’t want me to leave, and I realized that I don’t want to leave either. When I joined Deathchain back in 2007, we all agreed that this is the line-up from now on. As King Diamond suggests, let’s not invoke the demons of hell just yet by breaking that oath we made to each other.

So, the small adjustments I want to make are as follows: From now on, I’ll ”limit” all my focus with the other-than-my-very-own-bands to playing live shows. And all the stuff I’ll write from now, is for my own bastard children, which at the moment are Forgotten Horror and a couple one two new projects…

More info about band stuff and about those new projects will pop up soon enough.

My upcoming shows at the moment are:

  • True Black Dawn_ Turku Saatanalle
  • True Black Dawn Holland
  • Deathchain Lutakko
  • True Black Dawn France

Stay evil and seeya on the road!

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