So, as the great Apocalypse Now in its time, so will Crucible Major’s Episode Two: ”Blessed By The Guns” be delayed.

But unlike Apocalypse Now, the delayment is not two years (the press mocked the production, calling the movie ”Apocalypse When?” etc.), but only two days and within my personal Day of the Dead celebration time limit: Episode Two will be online this Sunday.

Earlier this week, my Adobe software went crazy… TWICE. First time it delayed my editing work with hours, and the second crash-blue-screen-of-death inferno appeared on 02 NOV 18. The launch day, the day when I would have needed every nanosecond for work, instead of arguing  with technical support from India.

I tried to hurry and I edited the material 48 hours non-stop, and without the second technical issue with Adobe, I would have made it.

But better this way. Perhaps the Dead themselves put their white fingers inside my computer, telling me not to hurry, but to honor them and focus on quality instead of time. After all, we are all dying and time is a social institution; an illusion and a circle.

Because especially with this episode, QUALITY IS ALL THAT MATTERS. This is where you will see and hear my reality, uncensored, honest and unapologetic. I really do believe that this episode is truly worth watching, IF YOU ARE NOT A MINOR AND IF YOU ARE NOT A PERSON WHO MIGHT GET TRAUMATIZED BY SEEING DISTURBING MATERIAL.

So, I will now continue working until Sunday evening, and I’ll let you guys know once the age-restricted YouTube video is online. You guys enjoy your weekend. As taxing this is, both mentally and physically, I enjoy as I get this out of my chest before Monday.


¡Feliz Día de Difuntos!


PS. If you don’t know what CRURIBLE MAJOR IS, just ”press ”PLAY” on tape” on these two YouTube playlists, and you are up-to-date with the current phase of the Crucible Major social experiment:

– Teasers, ads, and the actual uncensored episodes

– Plot clues, ”behind the scenes” and ”making of” footage.

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A companion to the Crucible Major series. Thoughts about life, perseverance and discipline.

“For a man to conquer himself is the first and noblest of all victories.” —Plato

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