The cannabis ”scandal” I’ll write more about it here this week, promise. I kinda noticed that I like writing in Finnish, and now that I’m openly a cannabis & psychedelics spokesman in Finland I.

Since the book about my MMA experience will be in Finnish, it makes sense to write about the journey on social media and here in Finnish as well.

But do not be alarmed! I’ll write a monthly update in English.

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Älä ota terveyttä ja läheisiä itselvyytenä, let good momebts sink in

So glad to send this!

Tuomas Karhunen / The Metal Tribe / The Dragon House newsletter July, 2015

I’ve learned (okay you caught me, I’m trying to learn!) to listen to my body and rest when I’m sick

Okay August is here, (the non-existent) summer vacation is gone and it’s time to kick some ass, literally!

There’s so much going on that instead of writing quality literature here, I have to settle with merely listing things. Check out the stuff you find interesting on the links to read further.

Becoming an author… goddamn it, I knew it!

Surprise! Definitely the biggest thing of the month for me. Biggest thing of the year. Ever.

I have decided to make a life-long dream true and become a published author. For a while now, in the shadows, I’ve already been writing a book about my MMA journey along with my first short story and my first novel. MUHAHAHAA!

Future blog posts about my writing-related things will be in found in the new Writings section, here.

Newsletter bananas

I’ve started a monthly newsletter, click here to subscribe! ’Nuff said.

Well… actually, no. I’d like to mention that I’m really really putting an effort into making this newsletter the kind you WANT to subscribe to… by creating exclusive content, improving the design constantly and by offering special discounts to The Dragon House online shop that won’t be available to anyone else than to my dear email subscribers.

Was that good enough selling pitch for you, huh!?

You can subscribe right here, right now. No spam, no bullshit. Just cool website gold.

The MMA challenge continues

I was sick for an eternity it seems, like a solid 1,5 months or so. I spent my small summer vacation being sick so that I can now finally continue with my plan. During this time the idea behind The Metal Tribe™ has matured and all kinds of improvements can be seen everywhere. Time to get that momentum on my side again baby!!!

Listen, just join the Tribe. Here.

The podcast is now monthly, too

The Metal Tribe Podcast is back! I’ve played around with the whole podcast idea, trying to find an ideal format and frequency for me, with the result that from now on, the MT podcast will be a) streaming live, and b) monthly, with either c) me hosting the episode alone or with a guest, and with the option for you to d) participate via the Mixlr chat.

This month’s episode will be the first solo episode, check out the airing time here.

Gigs on the horizon: The band front

Next week the silence in the gigs department will be broken as Jess and the Ancient Ones climbs the stage at Jalometalli Metal Music Festival 2015. After that, we have another show in Tampere, Finland, and next month a show in Moscow, Russia.

The new Forgotten Horror album ”Aeon of the Shadow Goddess” is now out with great response and reviews. I’m finishing the new merchandise designs and we’re eagerly looking for more gigs together with Incantation Agency.

Some cool band news announcements will be made next month, subscribe to the damn newsletter already so you won’t miss out on it!!!

So that’s about it, I think I’m not forgetting anything here. I’m off to do a workout in, after which I’ll have a nice Saturday evening with my mom and sister. Sunday funday will be spent entirely by chilling out and watching UFC 190, before fully embracing the Metal Tribe grind again on Monday… until then mofos!!!

As the poet said: Vielä on kesää jäljellä.

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“For a man to conquer himself is the first and noblest of all victories.” —Plato

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