So, you bothered to click the FB link. I’ll shamelessly use this opportunity to mention that this week I’ll finally start blogging here about the aspirations in my life – which are numerous and mostly related to cannabis, band stuff, MMA, training, nutrition and writing. This website will thus become active again, in both Finnish and English, so I encourage you to check back again later this week. 😉
Joyous after a good TRUE BLACK DAWN rehearsal weekend in colorless Helsinki. Also saw ARRIVAL (2016) with my hosts Ville and Annika (thanks for the hospitality, the both of you!). I was so surprised by this movie, that I simply have to say a few words about it, partly in relation to another surprise few years back: INTERSTELLAR (2014).
Along with the ingenious masterpiece, which Interstellar in my opinion is, Arrival is almost the only audiovisual work of art which has elements resembling some my own experiences under the influence of nature’s strongest psychedelic drug.
(Even at its best, a movie can only be a mere shadow of those experiences, of course. INCEPTION (2010) is another rare example of a movie with this ”flashback” effect on me.)
Interstellar is simply put the perfection of not only Nolan’s previous work, but that of Hans Zimmer’s as well. Both are beautifully showing how it’s done via the ”less is more” approach. Zimmer uses ballsy minimalistic solutions to nod towards his trademarks so elegantly, that I’m just left dumbfounded. Perhaps worth mentioning is the fact that they began making the screenplay by first letting Zimmer compose music based on the premise of the movie. Then they kinda built the script around the music.
To my big surprise, Arrival rose to this same, ”bigger than the sum of its parts” league. The screenplay, soundscape, dialogue, filming, acting performances and CGI are all top notch (just one very minor ”hmmmmm” thing with the protagonist’s reasoning). Little trivia with this one, too: the beautiful theme song, ”On the Nature of Daylight”, is also used in a similar fashion on Scorsese’s SHUTTER ISLAND (2010).
I think the critique I’ve read about Arrival is largely just disappointment for people who wanted to see a more action-based sci-fi flick, and didn’t read anything about Arrival before going to the movie theatre. I feel a temptation to say my opinion on ie. STAR WARS movies, but I managed to harness the strength to resist the urge and I’ll hold my peace. 🙂
Like its ’predecessor’ Interstellar, Arrival is film making at its finest with themes of love, connection, loss and the non-linear nature of time. Both movies are also beautiful ways of portraying a glimpse of true reality – the cosmic and acosmic Mother, that is – via Einstein, quantum mechanics and character-driven drama.

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