I’m in a strange, strange, situation right now. Some things have come up that I must do.

I need to say this openly because I don’t have the time nor energy to contact those concerned individually, my friends, and because this is bugging the hell out of me.

The thing is that I feel absolutely terrible about neglecting my duties towards some friends’ projects, and perhaps even neglecting my duties as a friend (just to make it clear, I ain’t talking about band stuff). I’ve also had to channel my resources from building my company (which in turn is connected to all this) into doing what’s RIGHT instead of what’s profitable. The amount of literally life-and-death-urgent matters, which cannot wait another day, is piling up fast. So fast, that I actually need to re-structure my own daily work, as I don’t manage to have time to do what I’m ”supposed” to do anymore.

This means that in order to get certain shit done, I need to forget the fool’s hope of having an organized life any time soon, and pretty much just wing it.

I’d really like to chill out and catch up with my friends now that I’m in Finland, and focus on the remnants of my personal life a bit more. But if I don’t do these things I have to, I couldn’t live with myself. So what choice do I have?

None. What I’m referring to involves helping – or at least trying to help – chronic pain patients, people suffering from MS, epilepsy, and other severe illnesses. A large part of them COULD be helped, but the system just doesn’t give a damn. To be more accurate, I’d say the system specifically denies these patients a potent and safer option than many of their current synthetic products. For profit.

Bear with me, I’m almost done.

Well, actually we’re only halfway through. Here’s just a couple of examples, so you’ll get a better idea of what I mean.

I have tons of unanswered emails and messages (don’t we all?). I also have tons of unread messages as well. For instance: a Finnish father of a small girl had approached me, asking for help or advice, because without help he’d have to move away from Finland to become a ”medical cannabis refugee” and leave his family and daughter here.

That message was from a year ago and I hadn’t even read it.

I am NOT going to let this happen again.

Few weeks ago my patient organization began having cases of terminal cancer patients. Soon after that, several extremely ill Finnish children. Needless to say but if someone has, say, three months to live, then whatever it is that can be done, cannot wait.

The good news is that I can actually make a difference here, in the broader scale. And believe you me; I’m going to do this one thing right in my life, and for the right reasons.

So, this is what’s up and why A) our project might be a tad late, or B) I haven’t gotten back to you in a while regarding practical matters. But rest assured, I absolutely WILL get in touch – soon. But whatever it is, it has to wait just a little bit longer.

For that, I sincerely apologize.

The entire MMJ situation in Finland is such a complete clusterfuck, that I simply can’t half-ass this. Someone has to be all in. But as much as it’ll still take to change things for the better, things are already getting better. Actually both in Finland’s medical cannabis situation and on a personal level.

I have approximately one (new) friend with whom I’ve been staying in contact with. Thanks for kinda keeping me sane, by the way. With that thread of a social life, together with upcoming gigs, festival shows, regular exercise and paying attention to rest and nutrition, I think in the summer my old friends will meet that same ”crazy happy Finn, who actually talks.”

That guy had disappeared for quite some time.

Let’s end this strong, let’s go poetic. Some day I want to have children, but I can’t bring them to a society like this. Not without making some kind of a stand against this insane corruption, which goes on at the expense of the ill and only for short-sighted individual profit. Organized criminal corruption, which in Finland is called ”healthcare”, ”substance abuse care” and ”drug laws”.

The rest follows therefrom. OSS!


Your Friend,

PS. To friends who are nurses, doctors, law officers and such: I don’t mean every single person working in those abovementioned industries. I trust that you understand what I mean. Feel free to comment, if triggered. 🙂

PPS. It’s 3:30 a.m. while writing this… hopefully now that I got this out of my chest, I can fall asleep. (EDIT: nope.)

Np: Roky Erickson – Goodbye Sweet Dreams

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