The suspect is a 35-year old rock / metal musician from Kuopio, Finland. He’s also the founder of the fastest growing Finnish cannabis community / news site / podcast, the head of a Finnish medical cannabis patient organization, a soon-to-be MMA fighter and a beginner author.


(also an absent-minded perfectionist-workaholic)


So, I’m a Finnish rock / metal musician who lived abroad for quite some time, until via (quite extreme) psychedelic experiences I found a calling in cannabis legalization in Finland. I’m also raising awareness about the 4,000–5,000 epileptic children in Finland, who – against human rights and patient’s rights – are denied access to cannabis based medicine called CBD oil.

This all began completely out of the blue in November 2015, when I wrote a blog post about cannabis. The article got a lot of readers (over 40,000 visits) in a couple of days and it gained some publicity in the Finnish media. For some strange reason, I made a decision to burn all bridges behind me and jump wholeheartedly and full-time to grow the ’viral momentum’ which my writing had created. Thus I founded a Finnish cannabis community / news site / podcast, namely LOHARI.NET (also known as ”VIHREÄ LOHIKÄÄRME”, which means ’The Green Dragon’).

I also founded Suomen Kannabisliitto, a rapidly growing patient organization for every Finnish person needing medical marijuana.

My goal is to make LOHARI (and KANNABISLIITTO) the forerunner that will flip the scale towards a wider use of medical cannabis over here. The end goal is full legalization in Finland, of course, because enjoying and benefiting from the cannabis plant ally is a fundamental human right.

Besides my ”day job” as a cannabis lobbyist, I have my bands and I’m currently on a quest to become an MMA fighter. I’m using the cage fighting challenge as an opportunity to speak up about those abovementioned Finnish epileptic children.

Oh yeah, almost forgot, I’m also working on my first book(s)… more about that later. 😉



Lohari and Suomen Kannabisliitto

Lohari news site, community and podcast:

Suomen Kannabisliitto website (under construction):


Social media and internet

Facebook profile (MMA):

Facebook artist page (Music):










Forgotten Horror
True Black Dawn

Musician profile at Encyclopedia Metallum

…and more bands/projects coming soon.



Coming soon.


Paintings, drawings & 3D art

As soon as I have the time, I’ll add some older drawings to my brand-spanking-new artsy-fartsy art gallery. My first decent digital painting and an album front cover have already been published there and I’m quite excited about getting my first 3D modelings / renders ready!

Also, I’m kinda into creating some retro pixel game art. XD

Check out my acts of visual vandalism at the Visual art section.


Web design
The official Therion website

And this website,, naturally as well.


Tools of trade

Audio recording & editing: Cubase, Reaper
3D modeling & rendering: DAZ 3D Studio, Hexagon
Digital painting: Adobe Photoshop CC & a ridiculously small but loyal Wacom Bamboo pen tablet
Pixel art: Make Pixel Art (Google Chrome extension)
Writing: MacBook Air, Scrivener & Noisli (also any paper and pen will do)
Blogging: WordPress
Photography & video: Canon EOS 650D, Adobe Lightroom CC, Adobe Premiere CC, Adobe After Effects CC
Podcasting: Tascam DR-05, Skype Call Recorder, Mixlr and Adobe Audition CC
Coding & web design: Atom, WordPress, TextWrangler, FileZilla and Cyberduck 🙂
Project management: OmiFocus, Scrivener, MindMaple and various calendar apps


Linguistic goals

Finnish: Native
English: Very fluent
Spanish: Fluent
Swedish: Kinda conversational / working on it

Next in line to learn:


Countries visited

Coming soon.

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