Balls deep in Morricone-ish choirs and orchestral bass drums! I wonder if my clean vocals actually sound good, or if it’s that my ears are fucked up due to listening to my own singing for too many hours now… well, at least I know that the goddamn drum sounds are killing it.

I’ve decided to start a brand-new band by finishing the song “River of Wailing Gods”, which I originally wrote for Jess and the Ancient Ones. We even haphazardly recorded it in the studio, but it was never finished nor published.

To re-grasp my demo recording workflow, to practise my clean vocals for this new band, and just to have fun with music, I’ve also been recording a cover version of the Satyricon song ”Phoenix”. A great track, they abso-fucking-lutely nailed it.

Although I’ve performed a lot of cover songs in the studio and on stage, and although I immensely enjoy it, I’ve never actually felt a compelling need to release one myself. But it just so happens, that I relate to this Phoenix / Queen of Souls concept so much, that a thought popped in my dome: would ’River…’ and ’Phoenix’ (see what I did there?) make an elegant two-song single?

I’m not sure how I’d feel about starting a new bad with a cover song, but hey, even HIM did it hahah! 😀

Dunno. Who cares. I’ll either a) publish Phoenix on YouTube separately as my own tribute, b) release it via this new band, or c) I’ll just enjoy the shit out of it myself and keep it as a personal puja, or something. Let’s see how this thing plays out, I’m sure the right choices come naturally as these two songs are getting ready.

I also have a funny idea to paint portraits + lyrics of both songs, to accompany the listening experience. As an ardent devotee of the acosmic Shadow Goddess (personified by Kali, Lilith, Coatlicue, Shakti, Hel, Ereshkigal and many more), I’d like to make the Phoenix painting kinda similar to the original, but with a feminine principle being portrayed instead of this horned Nordic hunk.

Here’s the original artwork before its planned sex change operation:


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