Time to lock up the china, the boys are at it again!

Ever had a smooth gig weekend, when you had fun watching bands and meeting friends, partying all weekend while SIMULTANEOUSLY keeping that demanding day job in check? Me neither. For me, it’s always been either a total alcoholic and/or drug-induced coma (when I get nothing done) or a work marathon, staring at my laptop (when I miss all the fun).

Well, not this time. This weekend I’m aiming high with my goals to somewhat grasp the concept of ’balance’; I’m going to enjoy leisure time with my pals along with short bursts of productiveness, some stage time looking sharp, and of course partying till the wheels fall off. KA-DOOSH!

And as the cherry on top, I’m even trying to avoid getting a hangover.

Okay, I might’ve gone a bit too far with the hangover thing. Let’s just say that I’ll try to avoid those soul-killingly bad godzilla hangovers, at least.

”But Tuomas, how can you achieve all this?” I’m glad you asked! Listen, pre-planning is key here.

The successfull Partying-yet-Productive weekend package™ comes with the following recipe:

  • minor allowances with the diet
  • a teaspoon of focus
  • an ounce of will power
  • drops of nasty haze mixed with alcohol
  • a fistful of metal

Shake and stir with force and hatred. To enhance the effect of the smoothness, I accomodate myself to Tanssisali Lutakko today already. *smooth disco dancing*

So, today it’s a duty-free Friday night for me with the hunks from Sotajumala, Demilich and Gloria Morti:

Our Deathchain live räpellys takes place tomorrow (with Sotajumala and Torture Killer):

Yeah, it’s gonna be one of THOSE weekends… what could go wrong?

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“For a man to conquer himself is the first and noblest of all victories.” —Plato

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