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I just launched my renewed website online today.


Today, precisely one year ago, I entered so far the darkest period in my life. Got kicked in the head while on the ground from several directions. But they should’ve made sure they kicked harder.

Because I’m back on my feet now, and it’s time to have a rematch – but this time on MY terms.

For my own sake, and to honor my father’s memory, I will go through and re-live the events surrounding my father’s death, chronologically day by day, which involved me being physically assaulted and getting illegally banned from the hospital, BY THE HEALTHCARE STAFF, when I brought my father in an ambulance to the ER.

The crisis call line told me I should deserve a medal for what I had already gone through and if I still managed to bring my father to the ER – which I did. But instead of getting crisis help, I got mugged by Kuopio University Hospital (KYS) security. Kicked outside, without any reason at all, completely in shock, verbally protesting but keeping my cool and my voice down, still holding my fathers trousers, keys, and wallet. Soon a doctor saw this and intervened, demanding I of course need to see a doctor IMMEDIATELY. Then I got back in, but I had two guards in front of me and two behind me all the time, for a reason unknown to me. They made me break my promise to my father that he wouldn’t need to be alone, and by the time the hospital gangsters allowed me to go see him, he was already slipping into a vegetative state and I lost the last moments to talk with my father, to support him, to be there for him. Which I promised.

My father struggled for two months and the physical assaults and illegal bans towards me continued – with their ONLY REASON being my profession with medical cannabis, which makes it pure ideological persecution. The reason to physically assault me was, in the words of the hospital’s patient security chief, my SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS (!) which according to my lawyer were totally okay and legal. Is this Finland in 2018 or Soviet Union during the Cold War?

This proved me the fact I hear from the patients of my organization all the time: that especially in Kuopio, if the patient says the word “medical cannabis,” they will not be treated according to patients’ rights or doctor’s ethics. I mean, I literally got attacked and kicked out just for being on national TV and radio with a congress woman-cancer physician, talking about the medical cannabis situation!

I have security camera footage, and I recorded some of these acts with my cell phone and I will publish them, when it’s strategically the right moment to do so. I have statements from hospital staff going on record telling how the security didn’t leave, even when the hospital social worker told them to leave and stop harrassing me. Instead, they waited around the corner and attacked me once the social worker had left. She saw this. This time they attacked only because I was escorting my severely ill mother to have blood tests taken. They did this in front of her eyes, and once again, I just sucked it up and made no resistance.

But the camera was recording all the time.

And that was just the first wave of kicking I got when I was down. Jealous and pompous cannabis organization leaders launched an ad hominem campaign on social media, insulting me and calling me a “fraud” because they knew I wasn’t able to defend myseld since I was away, having constant fear and panic attacks due to the trauma caused by the hospital security. And after my father’s funeral, even more back-stabbing and kicks in the head when I was on the ground, but yet again from a different direction.

So now I will go through these assailants and betrayers. One. At. A. Time.

I will initiate the action and I KEEP the initiative. You think you’re gonna flank me – too late, I’ve already flanked you. You plan on attacking – too late, I’m two steps ahead and already about to engage.

With ONLY legal ways, such as arranging negative press directed to a public instance, and other civilized ways… of course. I will NOT go down to their level.

But still, the fact remains: now it’s MY turn.


Monthly thoughts about life, perseverance and discipline via doctrines such as Stoicism and Zen Buddhism.

“For a man to conquer himself is the first and noblest of all victories.” —Plato

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