Good writers have two things in common: they prefer to be understood rather than admired; and they do not write for knowing and over-acute readers.

–Friedrich Nietzsche

I’m constructing a section for all my upcoming book and writing publications, while I’m doing other coding and maintenance on this site. I’m aiming to design a minimalistic, reader-friendly layout regarding the typography, color palette etc. (This kind of ”polish the details” work is calming Sunday chilling out for me. There’s simply not time to do those kinds of luxurious tasks while on ”work mode”.)

Welcome to the virtual writing desk of a soon-to-be debuting author.

Besides writing my online magazine’s news articles, band lyrics and several blogs, I’m also writing a book about my currently ongoing life change challenge. But I put just as much effort on writing my debut short story and novel as well. The short story will be published first, and it’ll be translated to three additional languages: Finnish, Swedish and Spanish.

I’m writing the short story in English and although I speak all of the abovementioned four languages, of course I’ll use the help of authors and translators, who speak those as their mother’s tongue.

At this moment, I have several publishers interested in all the three publications – meaning the ”MMA book”, the short story and the novel. But because I’m building my salary from several small streams, I’ll publish the upcoming releases of my own bands (Forgotten Horror and ”Los Hermanos Voodoo”) totally independently.

This is the reason I want to try to publish the short story independently as well. I have many fun ideas in my head, on how to engage readers to get a glimpse at unfinished material and to contribute to the writing process, and even affecting some plot twists perhaps.

So, I’d like to make a publishing deal regarding the novel. I already have a publisher (a rather large one, actually, woohoo), but I can consider a smaller publisher for the novel, if I like their attitude.

The short story functions similarly to a single release before a full-length music album – except that in this case, the single (short story) is not featured on the full-length (novel), but as an introduction to a much larger story…

I’ll arrange this, so that the pre-reader group (you can sign up via this page soon enough) can participate and have a say to the contents of the novel: I want to create an interesting and fun process, to get feedback from readers in advance and to offer a chance to participate; from providing complementary details to voting for plot changes etc.

From now on you’ll find the info about new blog posts and site updates by visiting the home page.


-Tuomas Karhunen

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A companion to the Crucible Major series. Thoughts about life, perseverance and discipline.

“For a man to conquer himself is the first and noblest of all victories.” —Plato

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